Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love of Makeup: Wanna-be Makeup Tutorial Gone Paranormal Activity

I always wanted to do a makeup tutorial video and thought it would be fun to play around with some video editing software one night. So I decided to test my camera out for lighting, sound, image quality and the overall set up for a video. In the process I caught something spooky . . . .(and it's not me without make up)

It was around 10pm and no one but myself and my boyfriend are home. I set up in the bathroom and put a sheet over the door behind me as a backdrop. This video isn't edited. I intended to overwrite the sound so I kind of mumble through the video as I talk to my boyfriend. Warning: he drops an f-bomb at the end. We caught the craziest, loudest (way louder than the video), creaking, banging, creepy noise. Check it out:

It came from everywhere and was hard to pinpoint the location. This video is from about a year ago and we still have no idea what caused the noise. I'm just glad I wasn't putting on eyeliner at that moment or I would have poked my eye out or something. Oh! and don't feel bad to laugh at my expense. I was very curious if the noise would immediately return. I really wasn't sure what had happened or if anything else would happen.

After I shut the camera off, I went to investigate. Nothing unusual had happened in any rooms. The dogs were perfectly content (not that they ever bark when it's useful anyhow). Nothing had broken or fallen. Nothing peculiar in the yard either. No neighbors stirred or came out. It was pretty weird, but my house is known for unusual occurrences in the night.

Any thoughts?? Do you have any interesting or unexplained experiences?

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