Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music MADDness: Beats Antique & Zoe Jakes

Belly dance is a hobby and passion of mine and almost any tribal belly dancer can tell you who Beats Antique is.

I am obsessed with their song "Revival" lately. I just love it!!! I used this song in my "What the Bleach" video and I wanted the credit to be in its very own post. This music video is really cool and  features the lovely Zoe Jakes, my all time favorite belly dancer and choreographer.

The video references her amazing performance at the Winter Solstice Show last year. This is so worth sharing with you. Enjoy!

Beats Antique "Revival" Official Video, 2011

Zoe Jakes, Winter Solstice Show, 2011

Song by: Eskmo "Cloudlight" - another really great song to check out

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