Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nearby Adventure: A Day in Jerome

Jerome, Arizona was a fun little day trip I took. It was less than a 2 hour drive from where I live, yet I had never gone before.  I hoped to get away from my usual weekend routine and the same-old activities. It was a spontaneous trip that amazed me with all the sites and history. The town was like being in another world. It was a lovely afternoon adventure that I never knew I could have while remaining so close to home.
The first thing we did of course was grab lunch at the Mile High Grill. We were starving! Plus we could walk it off after. It's a good thing because the portions were crazy! On the left is my "tiny" 1/2 lb burger with sweet potato fries. Yum! To the right is the massive 1 lb Mummy Burger. It was enormous but awesome!! The restaurant has great food and I highly recommend the local Oak Creek Ale (for those of you over 21 of course).

Jerome is a tiny mining town over 100 years old, known for its steep location and ghostly buildings. The photo above is Cleopatra Hill (left) which overlooks the town. The jail that was once atop Cleopatra Hill, slid down to the bottom many years ago, prisoners and all. You can walk down and look into the remains. It was kind of creepy. There was a bed and writing on the walls from what was once a cell.

It was so interesting to see the culture and history of the town. Jerome was vastly different from my home town just 2 hours away. There were ghost tours, museums, art galleries, wineries and more. I even got to see a glass blowing demonstration.  It is an artsy town that was fun to explore. I look forward to returning, but next time stay at the Grand Hotel atop Cleopatra Hill. It was once a hospital and is now known to be haunted since reopening as a hotel in 1997.

Possible Sites of Interest:

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