Sunday, July 8, 2012


Homegirl is a 30" x 40" acrlic painting I did in 2011. I wanted to explore different types of media and in the end incorporated silver glitter for the smoke and sand resin for the texture of the ground and beach scene in the background.

This piece was for my cousin who was moving away. It was a project 6 months in the making and sort of a portrait of her. The graffiti on the wall "home is never far away" sparked the title. The figure, which is almost life-size, is meant to be huddled, strained and seeking shelter from the sun yet still calm and collected. The scenery is meant to express not a physical place, but more a state of mind, a sense of relaxation or peace...Home...

The painting went through a series of drastic changes over the months, especially in the tattoo. I found my original sketch too busy. I wanted something that supported the message and didn't distract from the main figure. I wound up eliminating the skull and adding an antique key (one of my many infatuations). The key represents the idea that answers can be unlocked at any time. The tools are within your grasp. "Home is never far away".

Finally Finished

Me & My Homegirls

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