Sunday, July 22, 2012

MUST READ: Colored Glass by V. Cooper

Colored Glass is is a really interesting and unique experience for the reader, where you discover how tightly knit and intricate the universe can be, and how everything and everyone interconnects. V. Cooper introduces a series of characters through her fictional short stories. The characters interact and connect throughout the story. This is such a fun read because most of the characters don't realize the irony of their relationships and how they all intertwine within the book. Only the reader has the insight, but V. Cooper does it in such a delicate way that it is fun to piece together. Much like a movie, this book is worthy to read over and over. The characters are enjoyable too. You love them. You hate them. You laugh at them. You cry for them. People are often not what they seem and reality may not be either.

I had the pleasure of working with V. Cooper personally on the cover art and some of the interior images. She is from a family of artists where creativity and innovation run through and through. She said "Everyone should write a book once in their life."

I look forward to upcoming projects and more collaboration with such a talented and fascinating woman.

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