Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy, Inexpensive, Baked Chicken Wings

Save that hard earned dough and have a night in. My sister and I made these yummy chicken wings at home with some very simple ingredients.

1 package of frozen chicken wings

Spicy Hot Wings
-Frank's Hot Sauce

Teriyaki Wings
-Soy Sauce

We bought some frozen wings from the store for just a few bucks. So much cheaper than going out to the neighborhood wing joint where I would easily spend $30-40. We Baked the wings for about half an hr and in the mean time made the sauces. The teriyaki sauce we mixed in a dish and put aside to rub on half the wings we baked. The hot sauce we did on the stove to melt the butter and heat it up. Super fast and easy. Nothing to it!!

Once the wings were out of the oven we threw them in a bowl to add the sauces.

You can't complete this meal without a good old fashioned veggie tray and ranch.

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