Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My silly huskies..... They are a handful but the smartest, best companions! They are both full Siberian Husky. Ruca has the grey/white coat with one brown eye and one blue eye; also known as the "bi-eye" which is a desired trait in huskies. Guinness has a unique colored coat of black, tan and white and devilish crystal blue eyes. He's the the total boy and she's the prissy girl. They are high energy dogs and we love to take them hiking, swimming, and running. Their favorite activities are car rides and romping in the back yard.

Meet Guinness (1yr)...........AKA "the beer"
loves to play in the sprinklers
favorite food - ANYTHING

Meet Ruca (5yr)................AKA "the champagne"
loves to sun bath on the back patio
favorite food - cheese

Guinness at 5mo

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