Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Apartment Life....What's in my Closet

So I showed you my kitchen.  Now I will show you a peek at how I organize my closet. It's the second place I start my day after the kitchen and followed by my office. It's where I keep my ancient collectibles and all my fashionista sinistry.
This apartment is my very first walk in closet.
(Every girl needs one.)
I'm a weirdo and I  HAVE to use all white, plastic hangers. 
I go crazy when they all differ. 
Don't ask me why.
I have a vast array of jewelry from dollar store goods to diamond bling. My style changes from day to day. 
That is my absolute favorite perfume by Juicy Couture. I won't wear anything else.
Along with my jewelry addiction I have a make up problem. 
Those aren't books; those are make up pallets. lol
My wonderland, as I like to call it....I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan. 
That globe is so special to me. It sings "Golden Afternoon" and is retired from the Disney Collection. It's from way back in the day before any one payed attention to Alice :)
My handmade hatbox. 
It's so beautiful and my favorite colors. 
Crafted by one of my talented sisters.
You should see what's inside that she made. It's beautiful. 
That will be for a later post. Mu hahaha.
My grandmother's ballet shoes. 
I used to wear them around as a kid. They are just so beautiful.
The mirror, is an Amy Brown collector's piece. I'm a huge fan of her watercolor work.
Here is just a small part of my fairy collection. The right one is another Amy Brown. The other two are from the artist, Nene Thomas and her figurine collection.

Just some randomness about me and my life. Hope you enjoyed. 

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