Saturday, February 2, 2013

On track to a better me!

Today, I want to share this great website. It is a goldmine of workouts and motivation for healthy living. No gym or major equipment needed which means. . . NO EXCUSES.

Melissa Bender Fitness
There is a whole variety of workouts and many that are high intensity and only 8-10 minutes. Who doesn't have 10 minutes a day to get healthy!!?? I'm on week 3 of consistent workouts and "better eating" (less sugar, bread and processed foods). I have also been taking photos week to week. I cant wait to share my results in a few more weeks!!

Not much to see yet, but I feel great and daily workouts keep me eating better. Eating better, in turn, helps me keep up with the workouts.  I just want to be stronger and toner, not to lose weight necessarily. Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going after our dreams and this site was a major stepping stone for me to get in gear for a better me.

In addition to Melissa's awesome website, 
I find that visuals are a powerful tool to stay on track. 

I printed some photos from pinterest for my fridge. So anytime I feel like needless snacking, I think again. It's so simple, but it works for me.

I also printed a list of all the foods in my fridge and pantry with the serving size and calories. This way, I can mix and match the foods I want without feeling restricted. It also gives me a sense of what actual portion sizes are and where all my calories are coming from.

Last visual I use is my monthly calendar. I just star every day I work out and stay on track with eating. Simple right!!?? As the days go by, it is so satisfying to see a week of stars. When I really want to skip a workout, I think about the big gaping whole in my calendar where a star would be missing. It is a great and easy way to stay on track. I also get the short term satisfaction of writing the star each day. I cant wait to see a whole month of stars!

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